Tillo Copper Project

Latin Metals owns the Tillo Copper Project, a 2,000-hectare exploration property in Peru's Coastal Copper Belt. Located 130km southwest of the company's Lacsha copper project, recent exploration has revealed extensive copper mineralization at the surface.

The project is prospective for copper porphyry deposits, as demonstrated by initial soil and talus sampling, which delineated an anomalous area of 2,500m x 1,000m. Positive results from an additional 140 rock samples add a great deal of confidence in this priority area. 

  • Priority Geochemical Target: Soil and talus sampling completed earlier this year defined an area of 2.5km by 1.0km area of consistent geochemical anomalism.
  • Rock Sampling Support: Results of rock sampling within the anomalous area provide good support for the target. Of 140 samples collected, 24 samples (17%) grade more than 0.2% copper, with a maximum grade of 5.9% copper and 421 ppm molybdenum.
  • The Right Rocks: Mapping has delineated a quartz monzonite porphyry rock unit with potassic alteration and multiple generations of veining.
  • Planned Exploration: Detailed mapping will continue within the anomalous area to outline vein density and vector towards potential centers of mineralization. A hyperspectral study will be carried out and used to help prioritize targets within the extensive geochemical anomaly.

The project shows potential for discovery of copper porphyry deposits, supported by the extensive geochemical anomalies and positive rock sampling results. Future plans involve detailed mapping and a hyperspectral study to prioritize drill targets within the anomalous area.

Latin Metals is excited about the potential of the Tillo Copper Project and its appeal to potential exploration partners.

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