Solario Copper Project

The Solario Copper Project is a significant addition to Latin Metals' portfolio, with the company acquiring a 100% interest in the project, covering a vast area of 170,000 hectares in Salta Province, northwest Argentina. This strategic acquisition strengthens Latin Metals' position as a pioneer in sediment-hosted copper exploration in the region.

Project Highlights:

Solario Acquisition: Latin Metals has successfully acquired full ownership of the Solario copper project, expanding its regional exploration footprint in Salta. This acquisition demonstrates the company's commitment to sediment-hosted copper exploration in northwest Argentina.

Exploration Potential: The Solario project in the central Salta Cretaceous belt has substantial potential for hosting sediment-hosted copper deposits.

Underexplored Territory: Latin Metals recognized the untapped exploration opportunities in the rift area of central Salta. The geological characteristics and Cretaceous rocks in this belt resemble those found in sediment-hosted copper deposits worldwide. The company aims to unlock the significant copper mineralization potential by focusing on this underexplored region.

Planned Exploration: Latin Metals has outlined a comprehensive exploration plan for the Solario, Ventana and Mirador projects. A large-scale regional stream sediment sampling program will be initiated to identify high-potential areas and prioritize targets for further exploration. This approach, including geochemical screening, will highlight the most prospective zones effectively.

The Solario Copper Project presents a unique opportunity for Latin Metals to advance its sediment-hosted copper exploration strategy in an underexplored region with significant mineralization potential. Through systematic exploration and targeted sampling, the company aims to unlock the value of this extensive project and contribute to the growing copper sector in Salta Province.

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