Mirador Copper Project

The 99,000-hectare Mirador project was selected for staking based on the compilation of historical data, regional interpretation of geological maps, and recognition of key geological characteristics in common with sediment-hosted copper deposits elsewhere in the world.

The Salta rift and the rocks of the Cretaceous Salta Group have not been a focus for modern exploration. As a result, Latin Metals believes that the belt is significantly under-explored. The belt hosts potential source rocks, host rocks and structural settings seen in sediment-hosted copper deposits globally. Historical records for sediment-hosted copper mineralization have been documented at two levels within the Salta group. The potential host rock are typically recessive and are covered by vegetation, which goes some way to explain why no other company has identified mineralization in this area.

The Project is located approximately 110 km by road from Salta and is accessible year-round by paved road. Initial reconnaissance confirms the existence of sediment-hosted copper mineralization. Sampling from an outcrop returned a grade of 2.4% copper. The sample is also highly anomalous in vanadium, assaying 628 ppm.

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