Mirador Copper Project

The 100% owned Mirador Copper Project, covering an expansive area of 99,000 hectares, was selected for staking based on a comprehensive analysis of historical data and regional geological interpretation. Recognizing key geological characteristics shared with sediment-hosted copper deposits worldwide, Latin Metals identified the significant exploration potential of this under-explored region.

Project Highlights:

Extensive Exploration Opportunity: The Salta Rift and the Cretaceous Salta Group, encompassing the Mirador project, have received limited modern exploration focus. Latin Metals believes this region is under-explored, presenting an exceptional opportunity for copper exploration. The belt hosts potential source rocks, host rocks, and structural settings commonly found in sediment-hosted copper deposits globally.

Recessive Host Rocks: The potential host rocks in the Mirador project area are often concealed by vegetation and exhibit a recessive nature, which may have contributed to other companies' lack of mineralization identification. Latin Metals' recognition of these geological characteristics positions them to uncover the mineralization potential in this overlooked area.

Access and Infrastructure: The Mirador Copper Project benefits from its convenient location, approximately 110 km from Salta, with year-round accessibility via a paved road. The project's favourable logistics ensure ease of operations and facilitate efficient exploration activities.

Initial Exploration Success: Preliminary reconnaissance work has confirmed the presence of sediment-hosted copper mineralization at the Mirador project. Sampling from an outcrop returned a notable grade of 2.4% copper. Additionally, the sample demonstrated significant anomalous vanadium content, assaying 628 ppm. Follow-up mapping has identified multiple examples of sediment-hosted copper mineralization.

The Mirador Copper Project represents a prime opportunity for Latin Metals to explore and unlock the potential of sediment-hosted copper deposits within the Salta rift and the Cretaceous Salta Group. By leveraging their expertise and systematic exploration approach, Latin Metals aims to uncover significant copper mineralization in this under-explored region and contribute to the overall advancement of the copper sector in Salta Province.

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